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Standing Committee

A Standing Committee with the Vice Chancellor as Chairman and the Deputy Registrar of SC/ST Cell as member secretary has been constituted to carry out the policies of the State and Central Government and the programmes of the UGC. This Committee evaluates the implementation of the reservation policies and plans for improving the conditions of the SC/ST.

The terms of reference of the Committee would broadly be
1    Maintaining, evaluation and planning measures for ensuring effective implementation of the policies and programmes of Government of India, UGC and State Government in respect of SC/ST and
II    To suggest follow up measures for achieving the objectives and targets laid down by the Government of India, UGC and State Government in this regard. The Committee meets at least two times a year and the report of the Committee is considered by the University authority.  A copy of the report of the Committee along with action taken by the University is then sent to the UGC and to State Government.


Vice Chancellor (Chairman)
Pro Vice Chancellor(Vice Chairman)
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Finance Officer
Planning and Development Officer
District Development Officer for SC

Dr. Sasi Gopalan
Associate Professor
School of Engineering
Equal Opportunity Cell

Dr. I.K Jayadev (Member,Syndicate)
Dr. K.P. Narayanan (Head, Dept of Ship Technology)
Dr. Brinda Bala Sreenivasan (Lecturer,Dept of Culture and Heritage)
Smt. Jayalatha Gopalakrishnan(Asst. Professor Dept of Polymer Science and Rubber Tecnology)
Sri. Deepulal P M (Research Scholar, Dept of Chemical Oceanograph)
Sri Sachin Kumar P.P
Deputy Registrar