7.1   e-grantz

As per order no. G.O.(Ms.)No.101/2008/SCSTDD,20th October 2008, Government of Kerala introduced e-grantz project in this state.  This is a computerised process by which students can avail their educational benefits.  According to this process the students can obtain the assistance directly through their bank accounts using ATM facilities.  The bank account for e-grantz can be  opened only through their educational institution.

How to apply for e-grantz?

i)   Get Application for 'e-grantz' from the nearest Akshaya Centre.

        ii) Attach the following documents with the application form

Ř  Community Certificate issued by the Thahasildar.

Ř  Income Certificate (within six months)issued by the Village Officer.

Ř  Attested copies of qualifying certificates.

Ř  Bank account application with two passport size photos.


For CUSAT students, The Nearest Akshaya Centre:-

           Akshay Centre EK-58, Najath Road, Near Kalamassery Muncipality

        Phone No : 9539568360, 0484 2556989.       

                                    Website: http://www.e-grantz.kerala.gov.in

              Contact:        District Development Officer for SC

                                    District Development Office

                                     Civil Station, Kakkanadu - 682 030                            

                                    Phone No: 0484 2422256.

7.2   Rates of Lump sum Grant and Monthly Stipend to SC/ST Students


                                    G.O.No.06/2012/SCSTDD, 11/01/2012




Lump sum grant for students studying  in various courses

INR350/ - INR2500/-



i) students residing in the 8 kilometres from their institution

ii) students residing outside the limit of 8 kilometres







Actual boarding and lodging charges for those students studying in institutions where there is no residential facility




7.3     Incentives to Meritorious SC Students

Government recognizes the achievements of meritorious students and provides incentives as follows.



First class





Plus two, TTC, Polytechnic,VHSE       Degree





PG Degree/Professional Course




Further information regarding this can be obtained from District  Development Office for SC. (As per SC/ST Development Guide)


7.4     Financial Assistance to those SC Students Who Secure Admission to Medical and Engineering Courses

Government provides financial assistance of INR10,000/- and INR5,000/- respectively initially to those SC students who secure admission to Medical and  Engineering courses.  The income limit is  INR1,00,000/-(As per SC/ST Development Guide).

7.5     Special Coaching Centre for Civil Service Exams and Financial Assistance

Institute for Civil Services Examination Training Society is a registered organization for special coaching for Civil Service Examinations to SC/ST and Other Backward Community Students.

Selection of the students is based on test and interview. Maximum of thirty students will be selected in the following ratio.





SC students from other states


OBC(Non-Creamy Layer)



In addition to:

        Free accommodation for SC/ST students is provided

   Mess Allowance                            -     INR1500/- per month

   Pocket Money                               -     INR750/

   Stipend for day scholars                -     INR500/-

   Text book allowance for each student-   INR2000/- are also there.

Applications are invited in April/ May.  Classes commence in June.



Phone No.         :     0471 2360272         

Website             :     www.icsets.org

                                          (As per SC/ST Development Guide)

7.6     Temple Entry Proclamation Memorial Scholarship

In order to commemorate the Travancore Temple Entry Proclamation Day, Government of Kerala invites application for the scholarship from SC/ST students in October –November months. Degree, PG, LLB, Medical and Engineering students with  excellent performance in their studies can apply for this scholarship(as per SC/ST Development Guide).

7.7       Financial assistance to SC/ST Students Studying in Other States

SC/ST students who are getting admission in other states in merit and reservation are eligible for educational concessions if that course facility is not available in the state of Kerala. Students whose parents are working outside the  state temporarily and settled there, are eligible for educational benefits for any course in the state of Kerala.  Courses with All India Entrance Examination and courses offered in AIMS, IIT, NIT, Universities are eligible for financial assistance (as per SC/ST Development Guide).

7.8     Financial Assistance to Lawyers            

As per G.O.No.438/2011/SCSTDD, 06.05.11 after enrolment in the Bar Council to practice as lawyer, law degree holders from SC/ST are eligible for financial assistance for 3 years (as per SC/ST Development Guide).For more details, contact District SC/ST Development Department.

7.9     Travelling Allowance to SC/ST Candidates to Attend Interview and Written Test

The actual travelling expenses by bus/train (for both sides) to attend interview/ written test are available for SC/ST students. The eligibility is limited to those posts advertised by PSC or called by Employment Exchange and is being implemented through Grama Panchayath/Municipality/Corporation (as per SC/ST Development Guide).

7.10   Financial Assistance for Bharata Darshan/Study Tour

As per G.O.No.G.O.No.1193/10/SCSTDD 29.11.2010    financial assistance is given through Bharata Darshan/ Study Tour Programme to meritorious SC/ST students in plus two, Degree, Post Graduate, Professional, Diploma Courses.(as per SC/ST Development Guide).


7.11   Educational Concessions under Self-financing Sector institutions


Government also extends educational concessions such as stipend, lump sum grants to SC/ST and OEC students who pursue academic programmes under self-financing sector.

G.O.No.50/2009 SCSTDD. dated 02.07.2009

Eligibility criteria:-

1)        Students from SC/ST and other eligible community can  apply for this programme.

2)        Those students who are getting admission in Government seat can apply for this programme.

3)        Besides(ii),students who are joining in 10% reservation seat are also eligible for this programme.