3.1     UGC (S) Cell for SC/ST

The office of UGC(S) Cell for SC/ST is functioning at the administrative block building, CUSAT. This office is mainly focusing on the implementation of the reservation policies of the State and the Central Government. Redressal of grievances from among CUSAT SC/ST staff and students are also taken up by UGC(S) Cell for SC/ST.

Website: ugcsct.cusat.ac.in


        Deputy Registrar :     Smt. Jayasree. A

                                          UGC(S)Cell for SC/ST                  

                                          Phone:0484 2576107/2862227


3.2     Equal Opportunity Cell(EOC)

As per the UGC Guidelines of XIth plan period this cell was established in CUSAT.  For the benefit of SC/ST/OEC/OBC and Minority Students Remedial Classes in various subjects for UG and PG courses are conducted by EOC.

a)     Remedial Coaching Classes

Remedial Coaching Classes for UG & PG courses are conducted by EOC.  Students must contact the EOC for application and admission and must make use of this facility to improve their competitive edge by deepening their knowledge in the concerned subjects.

An Advisory Committee has been constituted as per the UGC guidelines with Vice Chancellor as Chairman and five Senior Professors of the University as members for monitoring and guiding the Remedial Coaching Programme.

Advisory Committee Members are:

1)          Dr. Aneykutty Joseph, Professor, Dept of Marine Biology

2)          Dr.Ramesh Babu.T, Professor, Dept of Physics

3)          Dr.Benny Mathews Abraham,Professor, School of  Engineering

4)          Dr.K Sasidharan, Professor. Dept. of Hindi

5)          Dr. Jayamani C.V, Professor. School of Management Studies.



        Co-Ordinator       :     Dr.Sasi Gopalan

                                          Associate Professor

                                          Division of Applied Sciences,

School of Engineering,

CUSAT, Kochi-682 022

                                          Phone No. 0484 2576113/2862523  

                                          e-mail: eoc@cusat.ac.in

3.3     Standing Committee for the Welfare of SC/ST

This Committee evaluates the implementation of the reservation policies, and plans for improving the conditions of SC/ST  in  the CUSAT context, are taken for discussion and forwarded to the State Government for implementation 


The Chairman of Standing Committee : Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

                                          Website: www.ugcsct.cusat.ac.in


        Member Secretary      :     Deputy Registrar,

                                          UGC (S) Cell for SC/ST, CUSAT

3.4     Hostel Facilities

Limited hostel accommodation is available for Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/Research Students. Altogether, they can accommodate around 600 male and 700 female students.  SC/ST students are provided  with free  food and  accommodation.

Hostel in Main Campus

Mens Hostels

Sanathana, Siberia, Sarovar and Sagar(Post Matric Hostel for boys) and  B.Tech Hostel.


Womens Hostels

Aiswarya, Athulya, Anaswara and Anagha(Post Matric Hostel for girls), Ananya(OBC Post Matric Hostel for Girls).

Hostel in Lakeside Campus

       Cochin University Mens Hostel(CUMS)



How to Apply for Hostel Admission?                                    

Online Application forms for admission to University Hostels are available at the University website http://www.cusat.ac.in/hostel/ index.php (except for B.Tech Hostel).  Printout of the completely filled in application form is to be submitted to the respective Department office.  Head of Dept. will forward all the applications together to the hostel office after verification and giving priority number based on the distance of home town from the University.  Priority is given to SC/ST, Physically challenged, foreign and to those students whose normal place of residence is more than 15kms away from the campus.

                        Website: http://hostels.cusat.ac.in


For B.Tech hostel admission, details available from Office of School of Engineering.


        Hon.Warden        :     Dr. S Prathapan

                                          Associate Professor

                                          Dept.of Chemistry,

                                          CUSAT, Kochi-682 022.

                                          Phone No.0484 2575944

                                          e-mail : prathpan@cusat.ac.in

3.5   University Employment Information Guidance Bureau

This bureau is mainly conducting coaching classes for Bank Test, UGC Net examination etc and 10% of seats are reserved for SC/ST students.


        Chief                   :     Prof.(Dr.) M.Bhasi

                                           School of Management Studies, CUSAT.

                                          Phone No:0484  2576756/2862153

                                          e-mail : mbhasi@cusat.ac.in

3.6     International Relations and Academic Admissions

The Unit for International Relations and Academic Admissions (IRAA) leads CUSAT's international outreach and academic admission activities. All academic admissions are based on the merit of the applicants as determined through an admission test conducted for the purpose subject to satisfying other prescribed eligibility criteria.  At the time of admission all the doubts about the reservation policies implemented in the rank list will be clarified by IRAA.  Its office is functioning at the Administrative Block, CUSAT.

                                          Website: iraaa.cusat.ac.in


        IRAA Director:          Prof.(Dr.) Sunil K Narayanankutty

                                          Polymer Science & Rubber

                                          Technology, CUSAT, Kochi -682 022

                                          Phone No:0484 2577688

                                          e-mail: iraa@cusat.ac.in

3.7     Youth Welfare Department

The Youth Welfare Department is a formal platform inspired with all talents and creativity to develop confidence, competence and sense of compassion among students.



        Director                     :     Dr. P.K.Baby

                                                Youth Welfare Department

                                                CUSAT            , Kochi 682022           

                                                Phone No. 0484 2577354

                                                e-mail: babypk@cusat.ac.in

3.8   Physical Education Department

The aims of the Department of Physical Education, Cochin University of Science and Technology  are to promote activities in the field of Sports and Games with the available  excellent infrastructure facilities and also to provide a systematic and scientific training for the students.


        Assistant Director :    Dr. Ajithmohan K.R

                                          Physical Education Department

                                          CUSAT, Kochi 682 022

                                          Phone No.0484 2575493

                                          e-mail: ajithmoh@gmail.com


3.9  Grace Mark facility in Sports/Arts and NSS activities

As per U.O.No.Ac.A1/13446/2009, dated 15.09.2011 Sports/ Arts Festival competition and participation in N.S.S activities during the period of a semester will be considered for awarding grace marks in the semester. Students  can apply for grace marks in the prescribed application form to the Principal/Director/Head of the Institutions/Schools/Departments before 1st April in case of even semesters and before 1st November in case of odd semesters.

For details contact:

        i) Sports activities   - Dr. Ajithmohan K.R, Assistant Director,

                                          Physical Education Department, CUSAT



ii) Cultural/Literary/Arts Festival Winners

                                       - Dr.D.Mavoothu, Treasurer, Cochin

                                              University Students Union

(Associate Professor, School of Management Studies)


        iii) N.S.S Activities   -  Shri. Santhosh Kumar M B,

N.S.S Co-ordinator, CUSAT (Assistant   Professor, School of Engineering)


3.10 Gender Justice Committee

The Honourable Supreme Court of India in a landmark judgement in Vishaka and others Vs State of Rajasthan  and others case has formulated the guidelines and norms to be followed against sexual harassment  of  women  at  workplace. In the light of above National Commission for Women, CUSAT introduced a Gender Justice Committee.  In this Committee there are 11 members. 

Website: www.cusat.ac.in/Intranet/Gender_Justice_Committee


        Chairperson         :     Prof.(Dr.) Sobha Cyrus, Division of

                                          Civil Engineering,

                                          School of Engineering,

                                          CUSAT, Kochi 682 022                                           

                                          Phone No.0484 2862408