1.             RESERVATION RULES

          (Reference: University Academic Handbook)

SC/ST students need only a pass marks in the concerned qualifying examination for admission to the various courses of CUSAT except for B.Tech Marine Engineering, SC/ST candidates must opt for payment seats also, though they are not required to make payment if admission is obtained.

(U.O.No.Ac.A1/9980/81-82/II, dated 15.11.2006).

1.1     Communal Reservation

Rules for communal reservation framed by the Government of Kerala and implemented by the University from time to time will be applicable to the various academic programmes. Candidates from ‘Socially and Educationally Backward Communities (SEBC) who  are eligible for Kerala State communal reservation will be considered for seats earmarked for such communities, provided that the eligibility for such reservation shall be subject to satisfactory verification of relevant Community as well as Annual Family Income certificates issued by competent revenue authorities as prescribed by the rules of the University in force.


U.O.No.Ac.A1/Admn./2005 dated 17.11.2008

G.O(MS) No.95/08/SCSTDD.dated 06.10.2008

G.O(MS) No.104/08/SCSTDD.Dated 23.10.2008

U.O.No.Ac.A1/New Courses/2005 Dated 29.09.2008

G.O(MS)No.107/08/H.Edn. Dated 30.08.2008


The percentage-wise reservation in force is given below:


a)      Non-Professional Programmes










SEBC (Socially and Educationally Backward Communities)



Reservation for Economically Backward Class among  Forward Caste(BGN)







b)      Professional Programmes



Reservation (%)








SEBC (Socially and Educationally Backward

Communities) Ezhava/Thiyya/Billava(ETB)








Other Backward Hindus (OBH)



Latin Catholic other than Anglo Indian(LCC)



Other backward Christian









1.2     Sports Quota

Reservation under Sports Quota is available for the following programmes:-

1)        “Payment Category” of the B.Tech. Programmes offered by the SOE and CUCEK, and the Kunjali Marakkar School of Marine Engineering.

2)        B.Tech.Naval Architecture & Ship Building and Instrumentation Technology.

3)        P.G programmes where the sanctioned intake is 30 or more.

4)        M.C.A “Cost-sharing” programmes at Thrikkakara and Pulinkunnoo Campus.


1.3     Anglo-Indian/Jew

The seat will be rotated between Jew and Anglo-Indian communities in alternate years.  If no candidate of either of this community is available, the seat will be filled up under open merit quota.

1.4     Children of CUSAT Staff

The reservation for children of CUSAT staff is only for B.B.A,L.L.B(Hons.)and in payment category of B.Tech Engineering programmes in SOE and CUCEK.  SC/ST candidates who secure admission in this category are not eligible for any fee concession/refund as this is a privileged category seat.  This reservation is granted only for the children of permanent employees of CUSAT.

1.5     Children of Ex-servicemen

The reservation under this category is only for children of Ex-servicemen for one PG programme other than M.Tech /M.Phil/PG Diploma/ Certificate Programmes every year and this seat will be distributed among the teaching Departments in the alphabetical order of the name of the department.

1.6     Fishermen Community

The students hailing from the families of all registered fishermen pursuing their studies in CUSAT are eligible for the benefit of fees and other educational concessions as applicable to the students of SC/ST/OEC communities, through Fisheries Department, subject to satisfactory verification of certificates issued by competent authorities clearly indicating that the candidate is a member of Fishermen Community.  

U.O.No.Ac.A1/Admn./2005 dated 17.11.2008  

G.O.(MS). No.55/09/F&PD, dated 01.08.2009.


1.7     Physically Challenged

Physically Challenged persons with minimum of 40% disability as certified by the Medical Board stipulated under relevant rules of Government of Kerala in the matter, are eligible for reservation.  The certificate produced should be either in Malayalam or in English.  3% seats are reserved for physically challenged candidates for all B.Tech courses, except B.Tech Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engg. and Safety & Fire Engineering.  One seat each for all other academic programmes except M.Sc(Industrial Fisheries) is reserved for physically challenged candidates.

1.8     Blind

Reservation for Blind candidates is applicable only for M.A(Hindi) and LLM programmes.  The certification requirement is same as applicable to the Physically Challenged.


1.9     Claim for Communal Reservation under ‘Socially  and Educationally Backward Classes’(SEBC)

Candidates belonging to Socially and Educationally Backward classes whose family income (i.e., annual income of all members in the family from all sources taken together) is up to INR4.5 lakhs per annum are eligible for reservation under this category.

(G.O.(MS)No.132/2011/H.Edn,dated 12.08.2011).

1.10   Claim of OEC candidates against the un-availed seats of SC/ST candidates

Other Eligible Community (OEC) candidates who claim allotment to the un-availed seats, if any, under SC/ST quota should furnish community and income certificates obtained from the Village Officer concerned.  OEC candidates, who seek admission under the un-availed seats of SC/ST quota need furnish the income and community certificates but need not remit the fee at the time of admission for UG Programmes under Government/Community quota.

(G.O(MS)No.36/07/SCSTDD dated 03.07.2007).